at New library of Ichinoseki City, Iwate, Japan
August 27 - 29, 2014

Jointly Hosted by Iwate University / KEK.
Supported by Ichinoseki City / Iwate Prefecture Conference for the Promotion of the International Linear Collider .


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Deadline: July 31, 2014
Registration Fee: 15,000 yen/participant (including Banquet)
We only accept Japanese yen in cash.
(NO Credit card accepted, Exact change is appreciated)
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About Us

POSIPOL 2014 will be held at the new library of Ichinoseki-city, Iwate.
As the ninth of the POSIPOL workshop series, POSIPOL 2014 will discuss issues of polarized positron sources, high intensity positron sources, X-ray/Gamma-ray sources, and their applications. The positron sources for the proposed future linear colliders, ILC and CLIC, will be main subjects, but positron sources for other colliders such as B-factories will also be discussed.


  Conference topics:
  -Generation of polarized positron beams
  -High intensity positron sources
  -Positron generation target issues
  -Physics applications of polarized positrons
  -Polarized gamma-ray and X-ray generation
  -Channelling radiation and applications
  -Physics applications of high quality X-rays and gamma-rays


POSIPOL Workshop Series

The POSIPOL is a series of workshops dealing with the physics aspects, the design issues,
and the open questions concerning a polarized positron source in the framework of the ILC and CLIC projects.

  POSIPOL 2006 at CERN
  POSIPOL 2007 at LAL
  POSIPOL 2008 at Hiroshima
  POSIPOL 2009 at Lyon
  POSIPOL 2010 at KEK
  POSIPOL 2011 at IHEP
  POSIPOL 2012 at DESY
  POSIPOL 2013 at ANL


International Program Committee

I. Bailey Lancaster Univ.
E. Bulyak KIPT
R. Chehab PN Lyon & LAL
S. Doebert CERN
W. Gai ANL
J. Gronberg LLNL
M. Kuriki Hiroshima Univ.
G. Moortgat-Pick Hamburg Univ./ DESY
S. Narita Iwate Univ.
T. Omori KEK
S. Riemann DESY
L. Rinolfi CERN
F. Staufenbiel DESY
T. Takahashi Hiroshima Univ.
J. Urakawa KEK
A. Ushakov Hamburg Univ./ DESY
K. Yokoya KEK
A. Variola LAL
F. Zimmermann CERN
F. Zomer LAL

Local Organizing Committee

S. Araki KEK
H. Chiba Iwate Univ.
K. Ikeda KEK
S. Narita Iwate Univ. (Co-Chair)
T. Omori KEK (Co-Chair)
Y. Shida Iwate Univ.
S. Tada Iwate Univ.
T. Takahashi Hiroshima Univ.
J. Urakawa KEK
K. Yokoya KEK





Confrence Venue
Address & Phone

Conference Room
(1st floor)
2-46, Otemachi, Ichinoseki, Iwate 021-0884, JAPAN



Tohoku Shinkansen Line
Tokyo  → Ichinoseki 2hr. 30min.
Sendai  → Ichinoseki 33 min.
Morioka  → Ichinoseki 45 min.
10 minutes walk from Ichinoseki Station of JR Tohoku Main Line.

Travel Information

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The KURA Hotel (Japanese) is located in the vicinity of the conference venue and is easily accessible even within walking distance from the Ichinoseki station.
It has been blocked for "POSIPOL2014" until July 31, 2014.
Please Clik here to book a room together your registration as soon as possible.

Address Tell Fax Access
2-1, Otemachi, Ichinoseki-city, Iwate, Japan +81-191-31-1111 +81-191-31-1112 10 minutes walk from Ichinoseki Station of JR Tohoku Main Line.
Room type: Single type (non-smoking room / smoking room)
Check in/out time: 15:00/10:00
Room rate: 8,424yen/night (breakfast and tax included)
Payment by credit card: Visa, Amex, Master, JCB, DC, UC
Parking Fees: 500 yen/night/car (please book in advance.)




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