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Welcome to POSIPOL 2010 in KEK

POSIPOL 2010 will be held at the Meeting Room 1 in the Kenkyu Honkan Bldg. of KEK.


The POSIPOL is a series of workshops dealing with the physics
aspects, the design issues, and the open questions concerning a
polarized positron source in the framework of the ILC and CLIC
projects. The POSIPOL 2010 is the fifthworkshop following

POSIPOL 2007 at LAL-Orsay,
POSIPOL 2008 at Hiroshima, and
POSIPOL 2009 at Lyon.


Although POSIPOL 2010 will, as in the previous years, focus on
the polarized positron sources for the ILC and CLIC via Laser-
Compton and via undulator-radiation, also extended topics as
target discussions particularly relevant for the conventional
positron sources will be included.

For ILC and CLIC, conventional positron sources with various
solid and liquid target materials and pseudo-conventional as
crystal sources using channeling will also be topics of the
workshop. POSOPOL 2010 will deal with various high intensity
positron sources for otherfuture collider projects, such as
B-factories and LHeC.

POSIPOL 2010 is addressed not only to the experts in collider
projects but also to a wider audience, and may prove of particular interest to the community studying the application of
the Compton radiation sources to the industrial and medical fields.