Two kinds of accommodation are available.
First is the Urban Hotel and the second is KEK Dormitory.

Urban Hotel

The Urban Hotel is located near KEK.
Blocks of rooms are reserved from night of 30 May to night of 2 June at the Urban Hotel.
Please reserve a room yourself via E-mail before 30 April.
Subject of the mail must be "POPIPOL 2010".

Rate per Night for KEK visitor : 6500 yen (Tax included)

Information for reservation

  1. Name:
  2. Arrival Date:(dd/mm/2010)
  3. Departure Date:(dd/mm/2010)
  4. Nights of Stay:
  5. Type of Room:Somking (Single C type) or Non Smoking (Single C type)
  6. Other:

KEK Dormitory

KEK user registration at the user information in KEK.

Procedures for reservation

In order to reserve the Dormitory, you have to register in KEK users once a year.
The registration can be done at this web site. In this registration process, you will be asked for project information.

The example is here( jpg. / pdf.), where our recommendation is surrounded in red boxes.

After your registration at the web site, you will receive a reply with temporary password from the KEK users office.

You have to change the password within 48 hours, otherwise you have to register again.

Then, you can login with your user ID and password in order to get service from the users office such as the dormitory reservation.
The reservation can be accepted within 45 days before the lodgment.


If you prefer to reserve a room in other hotels, please do it by yourself.

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