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2003.01.23 The Solenoid and the Crossing Angle PDF file (532KB) Peter Tenenbaum
2003.01.30 FEATHER : Feedback AT High Energy Requirements PDF file (848KB)
All the FEATHER talks are available here
Nicolas Delerue
2003.01.30 Multibunch Crossing Instability PDF file (144KB) Kaoru Yokoya
2003.01.30 JLC Collimation System PDF file (368KB) Tomomi Ohgaki
2003.02.06 Nano-meter BPM studies at ATF PDF file (120KB) Marc Ross
2003.02.06 CSR studies at ATF PDF file (336KB) Marc Ross
2003.02.20 A New Lattice for the NLC
Main Damping Rings PDF file (620KB)
Andy Wolski
Mark Woodley
2003.02.27 Simulation of main linac correction PDF file (108KB) Kiyoshi Kubo
2003.02.27 NLC Positron Source System Options PDF file (5.3MB) John Sheppard
2003.03.06 ATF Injection and Extraction PDF file (36KB) Junji Urakawa
2003.03.06 JLC DR PDF file (204KB) Shigeru Kuroda
2003.03.13 Electron Beam Probe for nondestructive diagnostics PDF file (1.2MB) Andrei Seryi
(Pavel Logatchov)
2003.03.20 Permanent magnet option for final focus quad PDF file (1.5MB) Y. Iwashita
2003.03.20 Beam Based Alignment and Model Independent Analysis at the KEK ATF PDF file (1.1MB) Andy Wolski
Mark Woodley
2003.03.27 Electron Cloud in the NLC Main Damping Ring and PEPII Low Energy Ring PDF file (2.7MB) Mauro Pivi
2003.03.27 Electron cloud effect for JLC damping ring PDF file (1.4MB) K.Ohmi
2003.04.03 Simulation of main linac correction-2 PDF file (32KB) Kiyoshi Kubo
2003.04.03 Slow Steering Algorithm for X-Band Main Linac PDF file (608KB) Peter Tenenbaum
2003.04.30 Modeling of Single-Particle Beam Dynamics through Wigglers and Impact on NLC MDR PDF file (624KB) Marco Venturini
2003.05.08 Preliminary Result of KEK-GM Measurement PDF file (2.3MB) Toshiaki Tauchi
2003.06.26 JLC Positron Source Design PDF file (1.5MB) Takuya Kamitani
2003.08.14 KEK GM Model PDF file (404KB) Andrei Seryi
2003.08.14 LINAC Feedback for NLC2003 PDF file (1.4MB) Linda Hendrickson
2003.08.21 nano BPM collaboration Plans PDF file (252KB) Marc Ross
2003.11.20 Application of LOCO at ATF PDF file (224KB) Andy Wolski

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